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Strange People—Beautiful Manners


In the film “Mrs. Henderston Presents,” Dame Judi Dench’s character says to a courteous young American G.I., “You’re an American, …

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A Winter Idyll


It snowed in the night,
And I woke in a room filled with
Moonlight and silver,
Shaded with indigo,
Radiant with wintry fire.
I knew without looking—
It had snowed in the night.

The moonbeams drifted across the floor,
Pale and searching,
Bright without warmth,
Moving and seeking,
Soundless as death.
I watched you in slumber,
As the moonbeams crept across the floor.

The moments moused by as I watched,
Your face touched with silver
And blue in the burnished night,
Serene and moveless—
A snow-covered landscape,
Your warmth enveloping me.
The moments slipped by as I watched.

The moonlight, sieved into fragments,
Floated across your face,
Radiant bands
Patiently moving.
Changeless as time
And inexorable as ice
Was the moonlight, burst into fragments.

You woke, and stirred—
“Were you watching me again?”
I smiled—“Of course.”

One strand of moonlight lay across your lips,
Warmth under coldness,
Life beneath stillness.
“Kiss me,” you murmured, and
As I leaned toward you,
Caught, like a ribbon of silver,
A thread of lost music,
A seal of gold,
Was one strand of moonlight, between our warm lips.

R.A. Moulds, 1993

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