R.A. Moulds as a Musician, a Composer and an Author

Pianist, composer, and author R.A. Moulds (b. 1958) is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, but studied musicology and composition at the University of Southern Mississippi with the distinguished composer William Presser. Moulds has written over eighty compositions and arrangements for diverse forces, including solo, chamber, symphonic works, songs, choral compositions, and opera.

Moulds’s compositions show the influences of many interests and artistic movements, and are clearly built upon the musical monuments of the past. Concerts featuring his works have been produced by Industrial Arts, the Lunar Saxophone Quartet, Kintamarni, Quatuor Contraste, the Paragon Saxophone Quartet, the Lavenham Sinfonia, and the National Saxophone Choir of Great Britain, which presented an arrangement of Moulds’ Égloga at the 2005 Edinburgh Fringe Festival as well as on a recent tour of China. Two of Moulds’s compositions for orchestra have been recorded for commercial release by ERM Media, and many of his pieces have been played throughout North America and Europe.

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